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Vivian Yang: Author, Journalist & Public Speaker


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Vivian participated in the 2010 DUMBO Arts Festival and exhibited her work including excerpts of her latest novel Memoirs of a Eurasian .


Vivian is a winner of the WNYC-New York Public Radio Leonard Lopate Eassy Contest. Read the winning entry on WNYC.org here

Vivian is a participant (Literature) of the 2010 New York Foundation for the Arts's Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists.

Vivian participated in a 2008 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program for artists.

Vivian's Novel SHANGHAI GIRL

Critics praise SHANGHAI GIRL

"Shanghai Girl is superb literature ... one of the best of contemporary novels written by Chinese authors; we eagerly await Yang's next literary feat." - Eve magazine feature story "Shanghai Success"

"Paris and London played roles in Dickens' famous novel  A Tale of Two Cities. In Shanghai Girl, it is Shanghai and New York." - Artist Profile, The Sampan - Boston

"Vivian Yang's work is among the very best in demonstrating artistic excellence" -- Barbara Russo, Executive Director, New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA)

"I admire the fiercely feminine voice that tells the tale and the complexity of the novel."  *  "The voice is lively and honest. A pleasure to read. Good, complex structure. Serious without being somber. Very likeable narrator."  *  "Authentic writing. Strong individual narrative voice. A story I want to read." -- NJSCA Judging Panelists

"Shanghai Girl ... is a feat in itself. ... Yang puts a new, often lighthearted spin on frequently covered topics like Chinese identity, the U.S. immigrant experience and reverberations of the Cultural Revolution." -- "the word," HK Magazine

Read Chapter One and order SHANGHAI GIRL here.

Announcing Vivian's new website "www.ShanghaiGirlUSA.wix.com/VivianYang". Click here:

Get Vivian's new novel "Memoirs of a Eurasian"here



From Shanghai Girl

"My earliest recollection of Shanghai was the ambiance surrounding the section of the city near our residence, the part of town known to the locals as 'The Upper Corner.' Images of the house remain in my head like snapshots - the red tiles on tapered roof, the gray steel window frames shipped in from Lyons when the house was built, 14-foot ceilings, French windows opening to the verandah, the fenced in garden with Chinese parasol trees and a rose bush. There was the sound of crying cicadas on humid summer nights, when the ceiling fans ran all night long and the smell of the mosquito-repellent incense permeated the house. ...  And Just above the house's top floor solarium, between the stucco overhangs, were the words '1928 A.D.' in relief." 

SHANGHAI GIRL is a fictional account of protagonist Sha-fei Hongs maturation from Shanghai to New York in the 1980s. Gordon Lou, a China-born American businessman with ties to triads, and Caucasian American lawyer Ed Cook are two other main characters. The story is told in the first person by the threesome.